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Proto-Link reduces the delay-time for referral processing. Adjusters can now easily use evidence-based guidelines and proprietary state-based rules in all their decisions. It also improves adjuster productivity with the automated workflows.
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The patented system assists the claims manager by integrating access to evidence-based guidelines, our state database and proprietary algorithms directly in the medical service request workflow.

Proto-Link™ then directs referrals to the appropriate review (such as UM, IME, management review, etc.) or automates the process of getting referrals to your network. It keeps notes and follow ups for the claims manager's follow up.

Proto-Link also serves as a management tool for payers to evaluate performance by tracking the average time required to process a request, the volume of unprocessed requests and the quality of decisions based on compliance with evidence-based guidelines.

The system also allows supervisors to reassign unprocessed medical service requests in order to even out the workload of claims managers and to reduce the time to quality care.

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