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The UR System of Proto-Link automates many of the UR nurse's functions to improve productivity and get faster results. The UR System makes recommendations based on the state's requirements using the appropriate evidence-based guidelines, state rules and regulations, and proprietary algorithms. The UR System pends for physician review and other review processes.

It provides all required communications required for a state, and generates the appropriate letters and attachments. The UR System also captures billing data based on your billing arrangements with UR clients.
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UR System for Proto-Linkā„¢

The patented system assists the UR nurse by integrating access to evidence-based guidelines, our state database and proprietary algorithms directly in the utilization review workflow.

Proto-Link™ pends files for physician review, peer review and other processes and automates the process of sending all required (by state) communications on the Utilization Review.

Proto-Link also serves as a UR billing tool and tracks the state mandated timeframes.

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