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We have Years of Experience

The founders and leaders of ProtoLytic have worked in the healthcare and workers compensation industry since 1999.

Key leaders gained a reputation for high integrity and innovation.

History of our company

The founders of TechHealth, Inc., a healthcare services company started in 1999 specializing in workers compensation successfully merged with One Call Care Management in 2013.

Following the merger, they began to focus on healthcare software technology, called ProtoLytic, LLC, providing a system to pull data from the most credible evidence-based sources to provide support for adjuster decisions.

In 2018, ProtoLytic acquired Medical Pay Review, Inc., to utilize their state-specific rules of reimbursement in the Proto-Link decision support system.

Our mission and vision

Our vision is to be the premier provider of evidence-based decision support systems for insurance companies, employers and third-party administrators to evaluate, process and fulfill medical service requests quickly and consistently in order to optimize treatment results, improve patient well-being and increase patient satisfaction with care.

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ProtoLytic, LLC
Suite 250
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