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Proto-Link is a state-of-the-art decision support system using evidence-based guidelines, along with proprietary state-based rules and algorithms.

The system evaluates referrals, uses customizable workflows for processing and communicates with your provider network to fulfill services.

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ProtoLytic UR Express™
Utilization management system

The new UR System takes advantage of Proto-Link's analysis using evidence-based guidelines and state rules, but adds additional depth of review for medical issues. The system also determines what communications are required by the state of jurisdiction and automatically provides that information.

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ProtoLytic CM Express™ Case Management System

Supports nurse case managers by triage and prioritizing activities, documenting files, identifying follow ups and communicating with adjusters and vendors.

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Proto-Logic™ Analytics Portal

Proto-Logic is designed to perform what-if analysis to assist in optimizing your network, evaluate the risk of certain claims and provide meaningful information about costs.

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New Proto-Link(™) Application Programming Interface API

Proto-Link™ NEW API offers an application programming interface that connects the industry’s most powerful analytics engine to instantly give you recommendations about state rules for medical treatment and reimbursement.

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