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ProtoLytic UR Express™ System automates many of the UR nurse's functions to improve productivity and get faster results. The system makes recommendations based on the state's requirements using the appropriate evidence-based guidelines, proprietary state rules and regulations, and machine-learning based algorithms. The system pends for physician review and other review processes.

It provides all communications required for a state, and generates the appropriate letters and attachments. ProtoLytic UR Express™ also captures billing data based on your billing arrangements with UR clients.

Key Features of UR Express™

✓ Faster processing
✓ Consistency in processing all requests for UR
✓ Assured accuracy of all rules and (legal) letters
✓ Customized solutions for APIs, billing, letters, processes, policies
✓ Cloud based service
✓ Certified IT
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Utilization Management


  • API connection IROs and vendors. 
  • Claim and referral notes. 
  • Eliminate repeatable, mundane tasks through automation. 
  • Calculate UR nurse savings and automatically generate UR invoices 
  • Tracking of all jurisdictional turnaround times 
  • Notifications of which requests are due 
  • Communication between providers and attorneys are automated through emails, fax, APIs, or USPS. 
  • Ability to Add New States Rules and Letters Quickly at NO cost 
  • Deep link to EBM guidelines tools
  • Direct study and source guidelines. 
  • Proprietary state rules and guidelines developed by ProtoLytic
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence used to automate decisions. 
  • Letters and documents management facilitate audits and reviews. 
  • Internal and external appeal process management. 
  • Store and generate the specific state of jurisdiction and automate any state requirements, as well as ALL templates/letters and state required forms. 
  • Time tracking for billing – UR/UM. 
  • Help UR organizations make supported decisions in less time. 
  • All processes are standardized and automated. 
  • Automated bill system communications. 
  • Customizable billable items are captured by the system. 

  • Fully supports URAC accredited UR operations. 
  • Automated reports
  • Compliance tracking. 
  • All documents are stored, and time stamped for auditing. 

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