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Proto-Link is a state-of-the-art decision support system using evidence-based guidelines, along with proprietary state-based rules and algorithms.

The system evaluates referrals, uses customizable workflows for processing and communicates with your provider network to fulfill services.


Proto-Logic is designed to perform what-if analysis to assist in optimizing your network, evaluate the risk of certain claims and provide meaningful information about costs.

Client Implementation

Implementation is easy. ProtoLytic provides the standard rules and algorithms. You decide on your company's workflows and vendors, and we use your information to make processing referrals simple and fast.


Online and on-site training is available. Training is very easy and straightforward.

Videos are available to make retraining easy.


We know that our clients and users may have questions, so our support team is available to assist as you need.

Manager's Tools

Proto-Link provides supervisors and managers with metrics to evaluate how efficiently referrals are being processed, whether an adjuster follows the defined guidelines and workflows and other meaningful outcomes.

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