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We believe the best way to show the benefit of Proto-Link is to let our clients use and evaluate the system. Free evaluations include a full working program, and all we ask is for your assessment and feedback.

There is no obligation to pay any license fees during the evaluation.

Implementation & Training

We will provide implementation and training during your evaluation period. This includes a standardized set of rules and workflows customized to your company's needs.

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ProtoLytic will provide training and handle the implementation. You will be asked to enter into a mutual non-disclosure agreement. ProtoLytic will complete the necessary agreement(s) to protect your patient's confidentiality and ensure HIPAA compliance, etc.

To make the evaluation successful, ProtoLytic can interface with your claims system, use a claims download or even work with the simple user input required to operate the system.

If you decide to move forward following the free evaluation, we will provide a license agreement. Licenses are offered on a per-user basis (with a minimum number of users), but we believe you will find the cost to be very minimal compared to the benefits received.

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