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Proto-Link™ brings a powerful analytics engine to your systems.  It instantly gives you recommendations based on CMS, each state's rules for both medical treatment and reimbursement, and integrates with one of the most powerful AI models for added analysis. 

The system is the result of 5-years of R&D to create proprietary algorithms that evaluate thousands of complex rules and regulations. 


  • Integrates all state rules into your platform.
  • Saves years of development. 
  • Helps you make decisions in far less time. 
  • Instant recommendations based on thousands of state rules.  
  • Easily accessed through a dedicated application programming interface. 
  • Saves time for users. 
  • Cost effective licensing. 
  • Ability to customize rules based on company policies. 
  • Supports medical decisions. 
  • Enables new revenue opportunities.

Summary of the rules for treatment & reimbursement

Proto-Link™ rules cover all 51 jurisdictions:
  • Adjudicates health care treatment for drug utilization, diagnostic testing, physical medicine, surgery, and other categories
  • Provides clinical reasoning for medical decisions to resolve disputes among provider, payer, and patient 
  • Evaluates all aspects of patient stage recovery: diagnosis, education, informed decision making, treatment parameter duration, active interventions, positive patient
  • Tackles the treatment of physical conditions that occur with the greatest frequency, or which require the most expensive treatments 
  • Covers all phases of an injury; acute, subacute, and chronic to ensure the proper treatments during the correct clinical stage
  • Identifies red flags that may suggest the presence of serious underlying medical conditions 
  • State mandated provider specialty and licensing requirements for specific products and services to prevent unqualified medical treatment
  • State mandated coding requirements for products and service as well as provider specialties to ensure proper coding 
  • State mandated non-reimbursable codes to flag improper billing 
  • State mandated maximum reimbursement allowances to reduce costs 
  • State mandated reductions in maximum allowable reimbursement based on modifiers/provider specialty for proper billing  
  • State mandated facility-specific coding and billing requirements to ensure proper treatment/billing 
  • CMS - National Correct Coding Initiatives (NCCI) to reduce excessive/incorrect products/services 

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